Occupy Denton in the News

We have made quite a splash in the media. Our still-very-young occupation on the corner of Fry and Hickory has already appeared on local television, radio, newspapers, and even free-lance independent-media. Way to go everyone! This will bring a lot more people into our movement. Take a look at some of the coverage we’ve been getting and spread the word!

NBC DFW: (Video) Occupy Movement Spreads to Denton 

Pegasus News: (Reposting NTDaily Article) Occupy Denton Moves to Fry Street, Downtown

Denton Record Chronicle: Local Protesters Show Solidarity

Demotix News: Occupy Denton Movement Sets Camp

KNTU Radio: News from Occupy Denton

Jimzshow: (Video) Occupy Denton Marches on Wells Fargo

Dentoneer: Over the Weekend: Occupy Denton


One Comment on “Occupy Denton in the News”

  1. Anonymous says:

    do you guys need any supplies? email me at daveyknew@gmail.com and i’ll see what i can do!

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