What Do We Want?

This occupation movement has brought together people with many different concerns and perspectives. As an exercise, Occupy Denton brainstormed possible answers to the question “What do we want?” At one of our general assemblies we collected people’s answers to this question and put them on display for others to add to. No answers were rejected. Some answers repeat themselves and some contradict each other. This is a collage of possibilities and alternatives, not a list of demands. They have been organized by category.

After seeing some of the comments I would like to remind our readers that this is just a BRAINSTORM OF IDEAS FROM DOZENS OF DIFFERENT PEOPLE.

Before we demand anything, we have to know what we want. This brainstorm is an EXERCISE, not a manifesto. When we do a brainstorm like this it’s very important NOT to reject any ideas. This is for us to get a sense of what this group cares about. Our occupation has many voices with many different perspectives and opinions. So please, relax. This is just a brainstorm. The fact that we have so many different ideas is a strength, not a weakness.


A system that is responsive to the wills and passions of people, not to the size of their bank accounts.

Transparent and honest government.

Equality for all before the law.

Liberty and justice for all.

Protecting and practicing our liberties.

A level political playing field.

Expand voting rights.

Give power to local communities.

Better representation locally, state-wide, and nationally.

End the two-party system.

More third parties in politics.

End corporate personhood.

Separation of corporations and the state.

Corporate money is not the same as people’s free speech.

Abolish professional lobbying in the U.S.

A congress that is not full of lawyers.

No more career politicians.

Human beings can make their own decisions.

All power to the people.

Restructure democracy.

Experiment with democracy.

Dismantle broken institutions.




Trustworthy corporations. (An oxymoron?)

Consequences for corporate failures.

End corporate personhood.

End the World Bank and the IMF

End neo-liberalism and neo-colonialism.

End corporatism.

Abolish private land ownership.

Redistribution of wealth.

Reparations for the global south.

Forgive the debt of third world countries.

End capitalism.

Abolish property.

Scare the shit out of the 1%.


Student debt forgiveness.

“Pass or don’t pass” system in college instead of grades and standardized tests.

Free online textbooks.

Free school for life.

Free quality education.

College that’s about learning and not job training.

Enable communities to educate themselves.

Reteaching ourselves the democratic process.

Communal not institutional education.

Educate people because change comes from them.

Police and Prisons:

Legalize marijuana.

Legalize all drugs.

End the war on drugs.

End permanent records.

End the death penalty.

End the prison-industrial complex.

Rehabilitation not incarceration.

Stop criminalizing the poor.

Abolish the “criminal justice” system.

Create “people’s courts.”

But remember, cops are part of the 99% too.

War and Peace:

End all wars.

Bring the troops home.

Stop cutting veteran benefits.

Money for jobs and education not for war and occupation.

Stop sending poor people to fight rich people’s wars.

End the military-industrial complex.

Bring Obama and Bush to trial for war crimes.

Bring all war criminals to trial.

Abolish the U.N. Security Council and try them for war crimes.

Worker’s Rights:

A livable wage.

Flexible work schedule.

Jobs and good pay for teachers.

Reduce the workday to four hours.

End unemployment discrimination.

Open borders.


Moratorium on urban development.

Better public transportation system.

Build parallel alternative systems.

Make Denton a 100% bike-friendly zone.


Free universal healthcare.

Preventative healthcare coverage.

Holistic healing.

Fuck drug companies.

The Environment:

A sustainable environment.

We want a livable planet.

Don’t waste the earth, preserve it.

Focus on the environment.

Be good to your environment.

Combat climate change.

End Denton fracking.

End all hydraulic fracking.

Stop the Keystone XL pipeline.

End subsidies on nuclear, coal, and natural gas.

Shut down nuclear, coal, and natural gas.

Renewable energy now.

No patents on living things or seeds.

Go back to local farming and local food.

Community organic gardens.

Reforest everything.

Water as a right, not a commodity.

Stop bottled water companies.

Stop ownership of mineral and water rights.

Stop environmental racism.

Normalize vegetarianism.

Equal rights for all species.

Animals are people too.

End animal testing and torture.

End factory farms.

Stop destroying trees.

Stop subsidies to not grow crops.

Stop manufacturing cars.

Media and Culture:

Fuck the corporate media.

Support independent and local media.

Create a more compassionate culture.

Reclaim the “American Dream.”

Reclaim our communities.

Be an example community.

Lift the curfew on “the square.”

Bring down the racist confederate statue on “the square.”

Learn to cooperate and not incorporate.

Use our talents to help each other.

Build up social capital.

End discrimination.

Unity and diversity.

Support of all types of families.

End sexism, racism, and compulsory heterosexuality.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender liberation.

Abolish gender binaries.

We want a future for the homies, by the homies.

Be good to yourself, be good to others, and go in peace.

Charity begins at home.

“Namaste,” a Hindu expression: “reverential salutation or adoration.”



5 Comments on “What Do We Want?”

  1. John says:

    I have to say, I find some of these demands a bit contradictory. How can you advocate for anarchy yet ask for redistribution of wealth, universal healthcare, and student debt forgiveness? This group is composed of a bunch of crazy socialist lunatics who like to play the blame game for their problems in the world. Go get a job, for goodness sake.

  2. John JOy says:

    really with the vulgarity and the scaring? Shouldn’t the message be something even a child could repeat??

  3. Cindy Lou says:

    I saw where you were against FRACKING. They are currently drilling and fracking (and ruining out water supply) NW of Denton on Doyle rd. They started this 3 months ago and the rig lights up the sky in that area. You could go there and protest and get media coverage! The directions are: Take I-35 north to Sanger, then take the 2nd exit in Sanger and take a left under the (I-35 bridge) and go west to Bolivar. Then take a left at the 3 way stop on FM 2450 and go about 2 miles to Indian Trail and take a right on Indian trail. Follow that out about 2 miles and take your 2nd left (which is [I think] Miller rd.) and then a right on Doyle rd. go down about a quarter mile and the drilling rig is on the right. Devon energy is doing the drilling and they have used very dubious tactics in attemping to get the people in the area to sign, even if they didn’t actually own the mineral rights underneath, they tried anything they could to get as many signatures as possible, but several held out and refused to sign. You will get support from the Neighborhood and media coverage for standing up against a big corporation like Devon energy. Good luck! I hope to see you there!

  4. Dominique says:

    Just some tips: Lose the imature sass of “Fuck” whoever, you can easily list why without the bad PR.

    Your first 4 posts under The Environment” are all the same.

    Don’t suggest to “end capitalisim” when it will never happen in the current climate and just makes you look like a utopianist.

    “Normalize Vegetarianism”? I think you mean: Reduce vegetarian stereotypes. It makes it sound like you want people to support it rather than accept it.

    End car production? Shut down coal, gas, and oil? These are things that take time, push to soon and you create chaos. Start the transition don’t shoot your load.

    Free school for life is unrealistic. You won’t be able to pay teachers, utilities, etc.

    For the most part what you have listed would be a big step in the right direction. But some of these claims are also childish and have no real function, like tearing down the civil war statue that respects the fallen that fought for states rights. It’s a symbol, who cares? It doesn’t mean that Denton supports slavery, some people just want to remember their lineage, no matter how racist they may have been. A lot of very good ideas, you just need an editor or someone that knows a little bit about PR, because no matter how convoluted public opinion is, it matters.

  5. We're All Comrades says:

    Sounds like a few people forgot to read the part where it was pointed out that this was a brainstorming session between about 60 people. Democracy, as a system, is healthy when people speak their minds, even when they’re contradictory.

    Also, can we PLEASE be more creative than, “get a job, hippies”? It’s not clever, it’s not new, it’s not insulting, it only pinpoints you as being ignorant, lazy, and uncreative. If you want to criticize and insult, do it from yourself, don’t just copypasta.

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