Celebrate the Square!

Press Release for Occupy Denton: Celebrate the Square!

On Saturday, November 5th, Occupy Denton will be celebrating our right to public space at “the square.” At 4:00 pm, we will take to the streets with drums, horns, and songs. Our “protestival” will include a variety of speeches, poetry, and song. Most of us will be on foot and some of us will be on bikes to celebrate the recent decision to expand bike lanes in Denton. This decision is a prime example of what happens when real people come together to demand that their governments take actions that benefit the common good instead of private wealth.

November 5th is also “Bank Transfer Day,” a national day of action calling for a voluntary switch from commercial banks to not-for-profit credit unions and community banks. Many of us will be closing our Wells Fargo bank accounts on “the square” as well as other banks throughout the city.

Public spaces are for people, not corporations, and that’s how our democracy should be. When corporations are given the same rights of people, we no longer live in a nation of three hundred million equals. We the people are forced to compete politically, economically, and culturally with an army of corporate persons and those who own them. Therefore, our movement is fundamentally opposed to the logic of corporate personhood for the sake of our democracy.

America is a nation of people. Rights and freedoms are meant to protect people. Corporations are not people, we are. We occupy real space and celebrate our humanity. Corporate personhood, and other supreme court decisions such as the recent Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission have given these unaccountable institutions an unfair amount of influence in our government.

In solidarity with the Occupy Wall St. movement, we continue to occupy our public space in Denton Texas. We have come together in order to give voice to the needs and concerns of the community we occupy both locally and globally.

We are a manifestation of our nation’s deep frustrations with the gross imbalances of power and the irresponsibility of corporations and governments. We demand a true democracy, one in which the well being of the many is not trampled by the interests of the few and powerful.

The hardships brought about by the profit-driven alliance between corporations and governments are many. Thus, our proposed solutions and available alternatives are many. We represent a diversity of ideologies and perspectives.

Our occupation is an organic democratic organism, not a one time demonstration. We are part of a grassroots movement, and our methods have been proven to create profound and lasting social change.

Occupy Denton gives voice to the 99%, the people whose future has been compromised by governments that cater to the desires of transnational corporations, the military industrial complex, and destructive energy oligopolies while ignoring the educational, environmental, health, and security needs of the people they pretend to represent.

We are the 99% and we occupy together.

Another world is possible and we pledge to make it real.