November 17th and the Square

Yesterday, around 5:00PM people from every background and every generation gathered in Downtown Denton in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and other Occupy movements around the country.

This week has seen a heavy blow for the Occupy movement with arrests taking place en masse nationally. As the colder winter months roll in and the Occupies stand under constant threat of arrest and attack its important to remember the little victories—two months ago yesterday a few people gathered in a little known park in New York City and stayed. From that  seemingly tiny gesture a worldwide movement began, and will continue.

Rallying in support of the movement serves as a reminder that this violence perpetrated by those who want to silence Occupy will only re-enforce what we already know: it takes more than pepper spray, rubber bullets and riot gear to kill an idea.  This movement and the ideals that is has come to represent will continue, with or without tents, or sleeping bags, or makeshift kitchens and libraries. The ideas that were cultivated in the last couple of months around the country cannot be removed by intimidation.

To those that came out to support the movement, thank you.