New General Assembly Time & Place

We will resume General Assemblies on Monday November 28 since many people are enjoying Thanksgiving with their families. The Occupy Denton encampment at UNT is being transitioned, but we are still having regular General Assemblies to organize actions and plan the future camp. We have changed the time and location of our meetings to better accommodate people’s needs so everyone can participate.

Until further notice General Assemblies will be held at 7:00 pm inside the General Academic Building at the University of North Texas. (Link to map of location) On the ground floor of the General Academic Building is an open lounge with lots of seating. This location was chosen because it is immediately available, open to the public and close to our original camp. Having our meetings inside and out of the cold will encourage more people to participate. The new meeting time was requested by those with jobs that prevent them from being available at our usual meeting time.

We are currently speaking to a number of public locations about meeting there. We feel that we need a location off-campus so that more people in the community feel welcome to participate. Having everything on campus creates the perception that this is just for students, which it is not. This movement is for everyone, so we need to make accommodations that work for as many people as possible. As soon as one of these new locations is secured we will announce it here and move our General Assemblies there.

These decisions were made by democratic consensus in order to make our movement open and available to those who wish to participate. Anyone with a concern about the time or location should express those concerns at the next General Assembly.