Official Statement Concerning Recent Tragedy

Darwin Cox (1988 - 2011)

Occupy Denton mourns the loss of a fellow occupier, a kind and idealistic young man and a friend. Darwin Cox passed away.  He was found in a tent on the Occupy Denton camp where he had been given shelter after a fellow occupier saw him suffering from a fever.  Darwin’s lifelong struggle with drug addiction is suspected to have played a role in this tragedy. While drug use or possession is strictly against Occupy Denton’s policy, it was the Occupy Denton camp where he found friendship, respect, and compassion for his warm, caring, and generous character. Occupy Denton will dearly miss him, and forever appreciate the fortune of having shared a space and time with our friend, Darwin Cox. We give our deepest condolences to his family.

One of Occupy Denton’s core issues is the struggle against homelessness. Specifically, the lack of a safety net and inclusive shelters for the homeless left Darwin with nowhere else to go.  Tragedies like this happen every day and fail to make the nightly news or the newspapers.  Our current social structure criminalizes the homeless as well as those suffering from addiction.  This is one of the reasons why Occupy Denton emerged, why Darwin joined, and why Occupy Denton will continue the struggle for the marginalized and oppressed.

Occupy Denton will observe a vigil on Monday, December 5th at 7 P.M. on the lawn between the Physics and Art buildings at the UNT campus.  The vigil will mourn his loss and commemorate his life.  A deep sense of connection and family has emerged among the occupiers. Darwin’s loss has deeply shaken us.  Our love and resolve will continue with Darwin in our hearts.

Occupy Denton


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