General Assemblies

There is a general assembly for Occupy Denton every night at 5 p.m. at the corner of Fry and Hickory.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate.

If you would like to receive the General Assembly notes via email join our google group by emailing

The occupation has agreed to use the consensus decision making process for these general assemblies, but this process is subject to change.

Click here to read more about the consensus decision making process: On Conflict and Consensus


8 Comments on “General Assemblies”

  1. EugeneVDebs says:

    Note One: No change to anything achieved, Comrades.

  2. John JOy says:

    not to be wierd but can we refrain from the word comrades…..just brings a negative connotation

  3. Affirmative johnrade.

  4. We're All Comrades says:

    Since when is comradery negative?

  5. Leo L says:

    here is the brainstorming list of things people would like to see (people requested that it be put online at the GA today) . it’s in .doc format.

  6. Natalie says:

    What sort of negative connotation? Comrade means friend and ally. I don’t see anything negative about that :/

  7. John JOy says:

    The movement is already fighting a stigma that its connected with socialism and everyone is entitle to their opinion of what good government is, but according to the occupy spirit, recreating a new republic is just as sound as a socialist order. Many people attribute words like comrade the connotation of socialism or Russian Communism, and I think that connotation could drive some people away who may be interested in participating.

  8. Allie Durham says:

    hey! North Texas Shirts wants to design a t-shirt for occupy denton. who should I contact to discuss?

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