Invitation to Occupation

Welcome to the neighborhood!

Occupy Denton in solidarity with occupy Wall Street and the occupations sweeping the globe. Bring your tent and your grievances to the corner of Fry and Hickory. We are occupying on UNT property, across from Big Mike’s Coffee and next to the Language Building.

Things that you need to know:

We have permission from UNT to camp here as long as we like.

We do NOT have permission to camp anywhere other than UNT property, so please keep tents and belongings off the sidewalk.

Lets keep things clean and green. Please don’t leave a mess and recycle what you can.

Please, no drugs or alcohol around the encampment. We do not want to jeopardize our stay here.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Look out for yourself but also look out for others.

There is a general assembly every night at 5 pm to make decisions about the occupation. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate.

Things that we need:

More people to join our community.

Pillows, cushions, chairs, etc.

Food donations or cash for food.

Art supplies and blank signs.

A giant bulletin board.

Misc. camping supplies.

Welcome to the movement.


2 Comments on “Invitation to Occupation”

  1. Been trying to get ahold of y’all, I have something that could do you some good, just need somebody to contact me so we can get together on this…. trust me, you’ll like it 🙂


  2. A Very Important Worldwide Specific Goal For All Protesters who Represent 99% Of Humanity

    Dear Occupy Denton folks,

    I’m sending this in your form here because I couldn’t find an E-mail address for your group.

    This link is to the copy of the E-mail that I send to all Protest groups:

    You are listed as receiving it, along with the other ways your group, number (130), has been contacted in this link:

    Take care, John DeSantis

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